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Oceanside Pipeline Improvements


The commissioners for the Oceanside Water District are interested in receiving feedback from local Oceanside residents regarding  proposed water line improvement.

A link to a PDF document that illustrates where new water lines are to be installed in Oceanside is included in this posting

Click on the link below to view the PDF document.  It is possible for you to enlarge the PDF to get a clearer view of where the improvements are to be made.

OWD Pipeline Improvements

Demolition of Old Cape Meares Water Tank

tank3The demolition of the Cape Meares 100,000 gallon, Cor-Ten reservoir began on Monday, 9/23/14, when the crew  moved in to the location of the tank and, by the end of the day,  completely removed the steel top of the reservoir.  On Tuesday, 9/24/14, the sides of the reservoir came down in sheets 6 feet wide by 12 foot in length.  By the end of the day the tank demolition project was one-third complete.  With all the oxy/acetylene torch cutting going on, the damp weather has been beneficial in creating a safe environment for the project.