Flow Rate for Coleman Creek

The water source for residents in Cape Meares is Coleman Creek. Each day the flow rate of the creek is recorded at the collection point where water is diverted to the treatment plant. The treatment plant is not in operation at the time creek flow is observed. Below can be found a series of graphs that illustrates the flow rates for Coleman Creek. Click on the link to view the graph.


July 2019 to March 2023
August 2019 to April 2023
September 2019 to May 2023
October 2019 to June 2023
July 2023 Flow Rate
August 2023 Flow Rate
September 2023 Flow Rate
October 2023 Flow Rate
November 2023 Flow Rate
December 2023 Flow Rate


January 2024 Flow Rate
February 2024 Flow Rate
March 2024 Flow Rate