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Pump Station Installed in Cape Meares


On Tuesday, December 30, a 10-ton pump station was installed in Cape Meares to provide water service to residents who live at elevations higher that where the new tank was located.  The installation went well.  The pump station will be tested for the next several weeks before it becomes operational.

Pump Station for Cape Meares

Lyda Evacuating, Inc. is scheduled to pick up the completed pump station  on Monday, Dec. 29th.  The company has scheduled a crane for Tuesday, Dec. 30,  to set the structure on the pad that is located on 5th Street in Cape Meares.  Lyda has coordinated with Tillamook PUD to de-energize the powerlines in the vicinity from 10 am – noon on Tuesday.  The pump should be operational by the end of the day on December 30.

Booster Pump for Cape Meares

pumpWork was begun on Monday, December 8, 2014, to install the booster pump to supply water from the new Cape Meares water tank to residents who live south of Pacific Street.

The work involved in preparing the site, installing a pad and then locating the pump on the pad will require approximately one week.  With the stormy weather in the forecast for the week the length of time before the pump will be operational may be longer.

There should be no effect on water service until the final connection is made between the pump and the pipes that will provide service.  If there is any interruption of water services check this site for details.

Oceanside Pipeline Improvements


The commissioners for the Oceanside Water District are interested in receiving feedback from local Oceanside residents regarding  proposed water line improvement.

A link to a PDF document that illustrates where new water lines are to be installed in Oceanside is included in this posting

Click on the link below to view the PDF document.  It is possible for you to enlarge the PDF to get a clearer view of where the improvements are to be made.

OWD Pipeline Improvements